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Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – ACCA Coaching Centre in Bangalore and Hyderabad

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants or ACCA was established in the year 1904 and is currently the biggest professional body of accountancy that is recognized internationally with the strength of 4,80,000+ students and 1,88,000+ members functioning in more than 178 countries. Subsequently, an ACCA Chartered Accountant that has pertinent authorized practical experience will be able to act as the public ACCA accountants, both globally as well as locally.

ACCA is the best way out for finance, accounting, and management professionals who desire to develop their career and amplify their earning potentials. ACCA trained professionals can find multiple ACCA Chartered Accountant work opportunities within the international accountancy industry.

ACCA is an adept accountancy qualification that highly benefits from the global recognition. Once you are able to qualify for ACCA Accounting Course then the ACCA membership will open the door to winning career in finance or accountancy. It holds immense value in the sectors of consulting, finance, and management and is a primary advantage in participating for occupying senior positions. ACCA membership will permit you to acquire the grade of a Registered Auditor.

Our ACCA Coaching Centre in Bangalore and Hyderabad is entirely based on global accounting standards and our ACCA Course will ascertain that the students become experts in the profession of ACCA Chartered Accountant.

BRICS, ACCA coaching centre in Bangalore and Hyderabad offers the students the core knowledge in all the sectors of accountancy to ensure that the students have full knowledge that is needed for being a finance professional and also so that the students are able to pick the correct and fitting finance roles for themselves in the industry. Being the top provider of ACCA coaching in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we offer all the required essentials to make the students professionals in the field of ACCA.


The Indian CAs can receive exemptions from 9 of 14 ACCA papers, i.e. the professional levels of papers, which means that you can be fully qualified as per the global recognized standards after finishing up to five ACCA papers.

Though ACCA is looked upon to have the same level of prestige as CA, the ACCA course offers the knowledge regarding Laws, UK GAAP, and IFRS. This provides you with the real benefits that you will be able to enjoy as a CA of an Indian company that also has a foreign customer base.

As the ACCA qualified you will be able to work for different roles for diverse industries and will be able to cease the opportunity to join the intercontinental organizations situated in the regions that recognize ACCA qualification, which currently includes more 18,170 countries including the EU, USA, Australia and Canada.

ACCA Entry Requirements

Professional Examination Route

The minimum entry qualification that is required to register for CCA course is the basic ACCA knowledge level, 10+2 with 65% in mathematics, English for the science-stream students, the same is for the students of commerce-stream but for the students from other streams it is 50%. If the students are not able to qualify as per the mentioned requisite then they can still secure their entry to ACCA course by doing a foundation in Accountancy.

Direct entry to ACCA course is provided when you have qualifications of 10+2, BBM, BBA, M.Com, MBA, CA or ICWA.
If you do not have any of the mentioned qualifications then you have to complete the ACCA’s FIA (Foundation in Accountancy). After that you will be eligible to start the ACCA course.

For more details on this matter, you can visit www.accaglobal.com/us/en/help/exemptions-calculator-redirect.html

ACCA Modules

Foundations in Accountancy

Our foundation in Accountancy qualification comprises certificates and diplomas, which can provide a route to the qualification.

The foundation in professionalism module must also be completed for each of the Introductory Certificate and Applied Knowledge (Diploma) to be awarded.

Introductory Certificate:

 Recording Financial Transactions.

 Management Information.

Intermediate Certificate:

 Maintaining Financial Records

 Managing Costs and Finance

Applied knowledge (Diploma):

 Accountant in Business

 Management Accounting

 Financial Accounting

Applied Skills(Optional BSc):

 Corporate and business law

 Performance Management


 Financial Reporting

 Audit and Assurance

 Financial Management

Strategic Professional (Optional MSc)


 Strategic Business Leader

 Strategic Business Reporting

Options (Pick two):

 Advanced Financial Management

 Advanced Performance Management

 Advanced Taxation

 Advanced Audit and Assurance

Entry Requirements

Don’t have university-entrance level qualifications

University-entrance level or non-relevant degree.

ACCA Diploma in Accounting and Business or relevant accounting or finance qualification

Fully accredited degree*

ACCA Exams

The primary three papers, i.e. F1, F2, F3, FFA, FMA, and FAB are easily accessible on the Computer Based Examination medium from any authorized CBE Centre across the globe. The computer based exams are on demand and there is no limitation on the number of attempts or time duration. The rest of the papers are in the mode of written and can be completed in June or December annually at any authorized examination centre of ACCA, generally in British Council Centres, throughout the world. In India, it is conducted in Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Ahmadabad, Chennai and Kochi. Every candidate can take a maximum of 4 papers at one time.

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