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    A company secretary is a senior position in a private or public firm, usually at the management or higher levels. best CS institute In Bangalore, it is known as a company secretary, and in India, it is known as a Company Secretary. The Company Secretary is in charge of a company’s efficient administration, including ensuring compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements and carrying out the Board of Directors’ decisions. This is not a standard clerical or secretarial employment, despite the term. The company secretary ensures that a firm complies with all applicable rules and regulations, as well as educating board members on their legal responsibilities. Company secretaries are the firm’s designated representative on legal documents, and it is their job to make sure the organization and its directors follow the law. They are also in charge of registering and communicating with shareholders, ensuring that dividends are paid, and maintaining corporate records such as director and shareholder lists, as well as annual accounts. the best CS coaching classes in Bangalore.

    The roles and responsibilities of a Company Secretary include:

    • A Company Secretary is responsible for the company’s well-being and growth, as well as that of its Board of Directors and all other stakeholders.
    • A Company Secretary must ensure that the right procedures for appointing directors are followed.
    • He or she should also make certain that newly appointed directors receive sufficient induction and extra training, if necessary.
    • He or she should also offer all kinds of support and advice to the directors, assisting them in carrying out their responsibilities.
    • A Company Secretary is responsible for ensuring that all legislative and regulatory obligations are met.
    • They serve a critical role in ensuring that the Board’s decisions are appropriately executed and conveyed throughout the organisation.
    • They should provide business ethics and corporate governance advice to the corporation and its board of directors.
    • A Company Secretary should also guarantee that stakeholders’ interests are protected and contact with them on a regular basis.

    We provide coaching for Company Secretaries at all levels, from foundation to professional. The Best CS coaching classes in Bangalore are provided by Brics Academy, which has excellent faculty and experienced CS’s. All CS disciplines are taught at the Academy with a focus on results. Various batches have been created to meet the needs of undergrads and working students.

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    A Company Secretary is one who plays a vital role in diverse dimensions such as:

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    Brics Academy Proved its Excellence in CS EET 2021- November with 99% results.

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    FAQ by BRICS Academy, Best CS Coaching Institute Bangalore

    What is CS?

    • Company Secretary is abbreviated as CS.
    • The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI), formed in 1980 by an Act of Parliament, is a legislative entity and a professional body that offers the Company Secretaries Qualification ( i.e. CS Course).
    • A Company Secretary is a secretarial, compliance, and governance professional. The profession ensures that Board processes are followed and reviewed on a regular basis, as well as providing counsel to the Chairman and Directors on their legal duties.

    How many levels are there in the CS course?

    • The CS Qualification is divided into three levels: CSEET – 4 Papers, CSEET – 2 Papers, and CSEET – 3 Papers.
    • 8 Papers in CS Executive
    • Professional Level of Computer Science – 9 Papers

      What are the Eligibility Requirements for CS?

    • To sit for the CSEET Exam, a candidate must have completed the 10+2 examinations, PUC or equivalent for all graduates and postgraduates.
    • A candidate must have passed the CSEET in order to sit for the CS Executive Examination.

     What is the actual duration of a CS course?

    • The CS course takes 4 to 5 years to complete all of the tests and other training programs. to complete all of the CS course’s tests and additional training programs

    What are the CS Passing Criteria and Exam Pattern?

    • A minimum of 40% in each paper and 50% in the aggregate is necessary.

    When is it possible to take the exam?

    • MCQs and computer-based exams (‘CBEs’) are used in the CSEET, which are held four times a year in the months of May, July, November, and January. The paper-based exams for the Executive and Professional Levels are held twice a year in June and December.

    Who Should Carry Out CS?

    • Mentally tough and able to deal with stress
    • Academically strong, with a passion for law and theory

    Why do CS?

    • Make a Good Life
    • Job Stability
    • Become well-versed in the law, compliance, and secretarial work.
    • Entrepreneurial is a well-respected profession.

     What Is the Role of a CS person?

    • Secretarial Regulatory Compliance would be the scope of a hardcore CS.

     For my CS Coaching in Bangalore, I have chosen Brics Academy. What’s next?

    • Go to admission and Fill-Up the Admission Form 
    • Reserve a Seat (Limited Number of Students per Class)
    • Brics Academy Coordinator verifies the Admission Form and Sends a confirmation of admission through the Email ID provided.
    • The last Step is Important one Attend Classes as scheduled and Study Regularly

    what are the career opportunities after completion of CS?

    • Services for corporate governance
    • Secretarial services for businesses
    • Services in secretarial/compliance auditing and certification
    • Advisory services on corporate legislation
    • Services of representation
    • Services for arbitration and conciliation
    • services for the financial market’s Management of public offerings, listings, and securities
    • Insider trading and the takeover code
    • Services for securities compliance and certification
    • Banking services are available.
    • Accounting and financial services
    • Services related to taxation
    • WTO services and international trade
    • Information and communication technologies
    • Public relations and corporate communications
    • Management of human resources
    • With experience, one can advance to the position of Director, Managing Director, or Chairman of a firm’s Legal and Secretarial Department.