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Best CMA Coaching Institute in Bangalore

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    CMA coaching centre in Bangalore, India

    3 Levels for CMA coaching program

    The Cost and Management Accountants (CMA India) course offered by BRICS aims at building competence in students. The CMA (Certified Management Accountant) certification has been the global benchmark for management accountants and financial professionals. The course training in particular fields of management accounting which will equip the students with a wide range of skills.

    Our CMA coaching in Bangalore is completely based on in-depth knowledge in business management, accounting finance etc. with the available resources. Our CMA course will make the student’s experts in CMA profession.

    BRICS, CMA provides the students with the core knowledge in all areas of cost management to make sure that the student has the complete knowledge required for a finance professional, and so that the student can pick the right finance role in any industry. Being the best provider of Top 10 CMA institute in Bangalore , we provide all the needed essentials to make our students experts in the field of Cost management.

    Cost Accountants are in great demand in sectors like:

    • Banking & Finance.
    • Private sectors.
    • Government sectors.
    • Research sectors, and many more…

    From Foundation to Final, we offer Cost & Management Accountancy/CMA coaching programmes. The Best CMA coaching classes in Bangalore are provided by Academy, which has excellent faculty and experienced CMAs. All disciplines in CMA are taught at the Academy with a focus on results. Various batches have been created to meet the needs of undergrads and working students.

    Ready to start?

    Is this your first year studying CMA Coaching in Bangalore? If that’s the case, keep in mind that the first time is the best because you’ll be fired up and ready to go. If you keep these principles in mind, you may write your own success story:

    Objectives of the practical training

    Key feature of our CMA coaching programme

    FAQ by BRICS Academy, Best CMA Coaching Institute Bangalore

    What is CMA? & What does CMA Stand for?

    • Cost & Management Accountant is the abbreviation for Cost & Management Accountant.
    • The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI) is a professional accounting body that offers the Cost & Management Accountant Qualification. It was founded in 1959 and is a statutory entity formed by an Act of Parliament ( i.e. CMA Course). Qualifications for Accountants ( i.e. CMA Course).
    • A cost and management accountant works in the fields of cost, finance, taxation, and accounting. Preparing and inspecting cost data, investing cost anomalies, financial forecasting, financial planning, building and maintaining financial systems are all important aspects of the job. An accountant is a person who works in the fields of finance, taxation, and accounting. Preparing and inspecting cost data, investing cost anomalies, financial forecasting, financial planning, building and maintaining financial systems are all important aspects of the job.

    What are the eligibility for taking the CMA?

    • To sit for the CMA Foundation Exam, a candidate must have passed the 10+2 examinations, PUC, or an equivalent qualification.
    • To sit for the CMA Intermediate Examination, a candidate must have passed the CMA Foundation Exam or have completed a degree in a field other than Fine Arts.

     How many levels are there in the CMA programme?

    • The CMA qualification is divided into three levels: 
    • CMA Foundation Level – 4 Papers.
    • Intermediate Level CMA – 8 Papers
    • Final Level CMA – 8 Papers

     What are the CMA Exam Pattern and Passing Criteria? & When will the examination be held?

    • A minimum of 40% in each paper and 50% in the aggregate is required.
    • In the months of May and November, all paper-based exams for papers are held twice a year.

     What is the actual duration of a CMA programme?

    • The CMA course takes 4 to 5 years to complete all of the tests and other training programs.

     Who Should Execute a CMA?

    • Mentally strong and able to handle pressure in the classroom

     Why do CMA?

    • Make a Good Life
    • Job Security
    • Develop a strong understanding of cost, finance, tax, and auditing Highly regarded profession Entrepreneurial

     What Does a CMA Do?

    • A hardline CMA’s responsibilities would include financial and cost accounting audits.
    • Accounting for Taxation Management

     Why should you Brics Academy for CMA Foundation and Intermediate Coaching? What does it have to offer?

    • Coaching in the Classroom
    • Last-Minute Revision Kit / Printed Study Notes
    • Revision Exam for MCQs every week
    • Following the completion of each subject, there will be two mock exams.
    • Scanners for previous questions are available.
    • If a student is unable to attend the classes due to illness or a college commitment (India’s First CMA Institute to Do So), the institute will provide videos as a backup class.

     For my CMA Coaching in Bangalore, I have chosen Brics Academy. What’s next?

    • Go to admission and Fill-Up the Admission Form 
    • Reserve a Seat (Limited Number of Students per Class)
    • Brics Academy Coordinator verifies the Admission Form and Sends a confirmation of admission through the Email ID provided.
    • The last Step is Important one Attend Classes as scheduled and Study Regularly.