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Online Versus Offline IAS Coaching. How to choose the right one for you?

If you’ve landed on this page, it means that you are too one of those hardworking, IAS aspirants who are ambitious about their careers. Well, you’ve just landed at the right place.

So, let’s first talk about what offline coaching and online coaching means? For those of you who don’t know and are exploring these options for the first time, Offline Coaching is the old, traditional, chalk and talk method wherein you interact with everyone present in that room. It was one of the most widely used methods to date.

Online Coaching on the other hand is a class that interacts using the virtual space, through their mobile phones and laptops.

“We Never Solve a Problem, We Just Change Its Form.”

As rightly said, there will always be problems, instead of solving them, we change them. This stays true to the current situations with respect to the education sector.

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As known to all, when the first Covid-19 lockdown hit, the world progressed and adapted to the online world at a faster pace. Initially, not everyone was okay with this, because they weren’t yet used to this new world. But slowly, things did change and all of us started seeing the perks of this new online generation.

Online Coaching, includes two types of learning, a) Asynchronous learning, which in simple terms mean, pre-recorded lectures provided to you, which are very convenient and can make learning very easy.

The second type is b) Synchronous learning, which means, live, interactive training using a virtual platform. Students in this type of learning become part of the live interaction, at the convenience of their homes. This model seems to be way better than the asynchronous option because here, the students can involve themselves in the interaction with other classmates and the educator as well and have a better learning experience. But that doesn’t make a Synchronous model any less. 

We as students were always habituated of offline methods but with time, students managed to get in terms with online education quite well. You can choose what works best for you. For instance, some of you all might prefer the physical presence of a teacher while for others, understanding the concept would be something that matters the most. It’s not just about teaching methods changing but the entire pattern changes.

Let's look into some pointers to help you make the decision better.


Is the point getting communicated well? This is one of the main factors that play an important role in deciding the type of coaching you need. Are you someone who needs the physical presence of the educator or someone who can manage it through the laptop screen if the point is being explained well.

Can you form a view about a concept and have a perspective around and about it, or do you face issues while forming an opinion about it.


Yet another benefit is that the students who are also the bread-earners of their families can schedule and manage everything smoothly because the lectures are pre-recorded and they can watch it at their own convenience.

As a working professional online coaching classes will help you in an uninterrupted and sustained preparation. Because of its flexibility and sustainability under any circumstances for a long run, many working professionals have been switching to these. Many coaching centers have now started providing online classes, which is a great step towards adapting to this new virtual model and with this you can find the best coaching centre for IAS for yourself that suits your needs the best.


This should be the number one point to consider when deciding your coaching. Especially after the covid-19 took a toll on the financial situations of the majority of the families, it's important to check your financial status and expenses.

Few points to remember when comparing the expenses would be, coaching fee, living expenses [to be considered if you’re planning to move out of the city], and traveling expenses. Offline coaching does involve all these expenses which needs to be checked beforehand. Whereas, online coaching does not have the majority of these expenses. The fee for Best Coaching Centre for IAS also has a lower fee because there’s no maintenance charge included.


This includes the reading material provided. A Lot of times offline coaching offers a variety of reading material which can make studying a bit easy and with test series included, it gets even easier. But the benefit that online coaching has, is that they have vast material available just on a click of a button and everything is ready-to-study in PDF format, making it easy, another excellent benefit is that because it’s in a PDF format, you don’t have to stress about carrying all those heavy books from one place to another. You can have all that you’re looking for, compact, in a small device.